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Online Giving

The Texico District UPCI receives online donations through PayPal.

You do NOT have to have a PayPal account in order to submit donations however, if you are going to be making recurring or repeating contributions, it is recommended you do so.  If you set up an account, you will have access to your payment history as PayPal issues quarterly statements.

Upon entering your ONLINE GIVING amount please tell us what ministry you will be giving to by filling out the blue box with the "+" sign in it, found on the final review page before you submit your payment. The example below shows where to find it.

Ministries by Category

  • Apostolic Man Ministries (Offering or Registration)
  • Bible Quizzing Fund (Offering or Registration)
  • Building Fund
  • Camp Meeting Fund (Offering or Registration)
  • Campground Building Fund
  • Christmas for Christ Fund (District Offering)
  • Crusader's Camp Fund (Offering or Registration)
  • General Account (District Conference Offering or Ministerial Tithes)
  • Global Missions
  • Hyphen Ministry (Offering or Conference Registration)
  • Indian Fund (Monthly Support)
  • Ladies Conference Fund (Offering or Registration)
  • Ladies Ministries (Offering)
  • Media Missions (Monthly Support, CD or DVD Purchases)
  • Mother's Memorial Fund (Offerings: Christmas Cheer, District, or Foreign Bible Students)
  • North American Missions (Offering or Monthly Support)
  • Pastors on a Mission Fund (Trip Income)
  • Save our Children Fund (District Offering)
  • Sheaves for Christ Fund (District Offering)
  • Singles Ministry Fund (Monthly Support, Offering, or Retreat Registration)
  • Spanish Evangelism Fund (Offering or Conference Registration)
  • Sunday School Fund (Offering or Tithes)
  • Texico Benevolence Fund (Offering)
  • Texico Harvester Fund (Subscription Fee)
  • Texico Impact Fund (Offering)
  • World Network of Prayer Fund (Offering)
  • Youth Camp Fund (Offering or Registration Fees)
  • Youth Division (Offering)

You can access the PayPal site by clicking the Donate button below.

Texico District UPCI

West Texas and New Mexico