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Rev. Dan Thompson and his wife, Dana, serve as the Texico Harvester Editors.

Contact Information:  6400 Bell St, Apt. 5203
                               Amarillo, TX 79109
                               (575) 693-2637


Subscription Mailing Address: Dan and Dana Thompson
                                                 6400 Bell St, Apt. 5203
                                                 Amarillo, TX 79109

The Texico Harvester is offered in two types of subscriptions: individual and bulk. Individual subscriptions cost $15.00 per year and bulk copies cost $1.50 per copy per issue.

                     Mail Payment To: Nathan Carrington, Texico District UPCI Secretary
                                                 PO Box 775
                                                 Bushland, TX 79012

                      Online Payment:  PayPal or Texico Harvester

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